Reminiscence on video game times

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the more I reminisce about a game I once played the better the game is and the more often I’ll end up playing it. For example, I recently acquired a PS2. I immediately bought both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Back when these games came out I basically lived them. Every day I’d come home from school, load the game up, and play for hours. These games have fond memories for me because initially it was my Dad who got me to play KH1 and when I was playing KH2 I had friends and family who were also playing it. I practiced at these games that were just one player games.


My point is that now, many years later, as I go back and play through these games I don’t just remember stuff from the times that I played these games I also remember how terrible I was at these games and how much easier they are to me at this time. Now saying that, it doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. If anything being able to look back and Reminisce on different times playing different games makes the games even better. I can look back to when I first started playing MMOs. Being 10 years old watching my step brother play Dark Age of Camelot and just being completes entranced by what I was seeing. I remember watching videos on the game, doing research, even being gifted an old guide book from an English teacher of mine whose husband used to play. All these things are what make going back and playing Dark Age such an amazing experience. 


Though the saddest part about Reminiscing and replaying games you’ve played before is when you realize that, no matter what you do, you can’t re-create that first initial feeling you had. When I play games like Minecraft or Borderlands, I do have a good time, but I can quickly lose interest simply because I know the best ways to start off. Especially with Minecraft, a game with a huge amount of replay-ability and hours of enjoyment and distraction at a time, it gets to a point where in just a matter of an hour or so I’m already standing there in a full suit of Iron with Diamond equipment.

In the end we are all going to have games we love and miss. Games we look back and wonder why we enjoyed in the first place and remember the memories that go along with them. The memories and the people met through these video games is what makes them so enjoyable. What the games mean to a person and what the adventure means to them is worth almost any amount of money. That and getting the feeling when you cut down your enemy, priceless. 


A little about Mr.Bagelz

So I figured I might explain real quick where and when I got the name Bagelz/MrBagelz. Back a few years I used to play an online game called Allods Online. I was on the side of the “Good guys” and some game drama had started to make me want to try the “Bad guys”. When I started making characters I wanted to make a point whenever someone met me. I wanted people to know from the start that I had a sense of humor and later find out I was a decent player.

To begin with I was using any kind of food that I was craving so I had things like Baconz, Biscuitz, and Flapjackz. Yeah, I’m a big fan of breakfast. Though one of my characters I chose was Bagelz, a Paladin. I got addicted to this character and started meeting people. Soon I was in a “Big Time” guild and was semi-active on the forums and that was it. From then on I was Bagelz.

As time went by I purchased an Xbox 360 and registered my tag as “Mister Bagelz”. Even went bowling and a family member put my name in as Bagelz. Not to brag but I even had a GM for Allods draw a picture for me after I made him a forum signature.


Drawn by GM PioPico, funny guy. After that any game I played all my characters had some variation of Bagelz. MrBagelz, Mister Bagelz, CptBagelz, etc etc. The only character i’ve been known to not name Bagelz is my rogue inwhich I always name Flapjackz. Hey, traditions tradition.

This Bloggity

Welcome to my blog,

The point here is i’ll be talking about my different adventures in different video games as well as posting stuff I find out about different games. Some people might find this interesting, most probably won’t so feel free to ignore this blog. I hope to be amusing, but you never know, I might just be a boring nerd with extra time on his hands. Either way, I hope you’ll join me on my adventures to come and enjoy the stories of past adventures I happen to bring up.

– Mr.Bagelz